Our Initiative

Wadhwani Community College

Enabling digital transformation of Community Colleges

Enabling threshold workers to secure in-demand family-sustaining jobs through an advanced digital counselling, skilling, and placement platform, in partnership with US Community Colleges and Employers.


  • Rich library of in-demand, sustainable family-wage, short-term (3-12 month) jobs-focused programs
  • An integrated, flexible digital platform that provides on-demand end-to-end learner support across counselling, program learning/completion, employment attainment, and progression in jobs
  • Partner with US CCs and employers for Program design and delivery, learner placement, apprenticeship, and progression

Digital Transformation Platform

Advanced capabilities for students, CC faculty, and employers.


  • Fit-for-Program, Fit-for-Job, Fit-for-Aspiration counselling through online Q&A and mentoring


  • Anytime, anywhere access to engaging, interactive, video-centric and job-focused learning modules that enhance technical and job-specific soft skills
  • System support through predictive nudging, hinting, chat-bot, FAQs to enhance learning and completion
  • Online tutoring support through peers, query-emails, group-sessions, 1×1 video calls with WF/CC teams
  • Recorded and live industry/expert-webinars on specific industry trends and job opportunities


  • Resume and interview preparation through a blended model
  • Employment exchange enhanced for accelerated hiring by a richer student competency scorecard
  • Upskilling support for employment retention and progression