Our Initiative

Wadhwani Entrepreneur

Inspiring, educating, and enabling startup entrepreneurs

Wadhwani Venture Fastrack

Wadhwani Venture Fastrack (VFT) empowers startup founders with capabilities and resources to maximize their growth potential. Our mission is to help build successful startups that create high-value jobs.

  • We empower entrepreneurs with on-demand personalized knowledge, tools, and connections to help launch successful startups
  • For Incubators/Accelerators, VFT offers hands-on training and an AI-based platform to help improve their outcomes
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Wadhwani NEN

Wadhwani NEN empowers students with knowledge and skills to create high-potential startups.

  • College Program for students with 360-degree transformation and real-world learning
  • Enabling knowledge and skills through Courses and Startup Labs in Colleges to create HiPOs
  • Wadhwani curriculum with emphasis on ‘Do’ pedagogy through videos, activities and assignments, and PV pitches
  • Practice Ventures (PVs) as the seed of entrepreneurship and job creation by fostering venture creation right at the college-level
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Wadhwani Inspire

Establishing a culture of entrepreneurship at a national level.

  • Evangelizing entrepreneurship
  • Inspiring the best and the brightest to consider entrepreneurship as a first/alternate career choice

Wadhwani Entrepreneur Network

  • Incubators
  • Accelerators
  • Mentors
  • Colleges
  • Faculty
  • TV Network / Streaming Media

Wadhwani Catalyst Fund

An emerging market-focused impact fund amplifying economic and jobs impact through scaling global third-party efforts.

  • Catalysing growth and scaling job creation through catalytic capital, and Wadhwani ecosystem support viz. project management, technology and content.
  • Funding Criteria:
    • Qualified non-profits that are led by strong leaders with a clear vision and execution capability in scaling job creation by 5-10x
    • For-profit companies with a robust and scalable business model, where revenue growth drives exponential job growth, and our investment can attract 5x -10x investment
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Wadhwani Catalyst

Wadhwani Knowledge & Technology Platform

  • AI-enabled technology platform
  • Powering Wadhwani digital products through a microservices based architecture
  • A key enabler for scaling the Wadhwani Initiatives through mobile and web products focused on user experience and personalization
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A.S.K. Chaitanya Reddy / Srinivas MadhavamCo-founders, VDeliver

The key learning from Wadhwani Foundation is how should we see a problem with different perspectives. As a result, we expect to revolutionize what last mile logistics can do

Pranav PanpaliaFounder, Workly

WEC helped me transform from a student into an entrepreneur with practical knowledge. It gave me a chance to step into other’s shoes and experience entrepreneurship real-time

Anusha K P / Muralidhar NayakCo-Founders, Paymatrix

The one-on-one mentoring sessions helped us to identify channels and crack some key partnerships

Eshwar VikasCo-founder, Mukunda Foods

WEC is a primary school for entrepreneurs. The learning I got from WEC mentoring sessions is useful even today and foundations of Mukunda Foods is based on these learnings