Our Initiative

Wadhwani Entrepreneur

Inspiring, educating, and enabling thousands of startup entrepreneurs

WE Inspire

Inspiring millions of college students and professionals to get interested in entrepreneurship.

  • A content creation and distribution program targeting students and professionals
  • Engagement Channels:
    • Wadhwani Global Entrepreneur Platform, housing a large target audience, with compelling stories/examples
    • WE YouTube channel
    • WE “Shark Tank”-like TV show
    • Wadhwani Content delivered through TikTok, WhatsApp and other social channels
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WE Inspire


Activating thousands of college students by showing them why, when and how to do a startup through case-study based education.

  • Mainstreaming entrepreneurship education with an experiential 14 weeks’ , 35-hour program, at no cost to institutes & students for creation of “Practice Ventures”
  • Faculty training and ongoing refresher training
  • Providing a self-service frictionless model for easy delivery of interactive content, webinars, etc. through the AI-enabled Wadhwani Technology Platform
    • Wadhwani proprietary & curated open-source courses
    • Video and presentation-led case studies
    • Master Classes by marquee entrepreneurs, mentors, industry experts
    • Learning labs (booster clinics, workshops), pitch simulators & pitch days
  • Ecosystem connects:
    • Access to incubators/accelerators/early-stage investors; internship opportunities
    • A global community of mentors, experts & evaluators (across Asia, Africa, LatAm)
  • Validated MVP & investor pitch endorsed by a global jury ; E-Certificate
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WE Liftoff

Enabling thousands of startups to improve their business strategy, organization and performance to be successful and get seed capital.

  • Self-service Engagement Model with Global Entrepreneur Platform, facilitated with Wadhwani Mentors, and expert assistance and support
  • ~6 months engagement with each startup
  • Global Entrepreneur Platform will provide:
    • Market & Competition data
    • Business Model evaluation, Financial Planning & Startup Selection tools and templates
    • Master Classes, video & presentation-led case studies
    • Videos of presentations & pitches to VCs for seed capital
    • P2P network capabilities
  • Ecosystem support:
    • Access to Mentors, Angels and VCs
    • Expert Helpdesk for online advice
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WE Venture Fastrack (VFT)

Supporting startups with a well-developed MVP and clearly demonstrated customer traction and growth by reviewing and refining their business model. 

  • VFT enhances the investment readiness of startups which have:
    • Been in existence for at least 2 years
    • A serviceable obtainable Market (of at least INR 500 Crores for their products/services)
    • At least 2 full-time founders with relevant technical and business experience and a full-time team of at least 5 members
    • Received external funding of INR 20 Lakhs+ and have a funding runway for the next six months
  • VFT Offerings and customized support:
    • Developing a robust business model
    • Enhancing investment readiness
    • Connects with angel networks and investors (demo days)
  • Intensive structured engagement focused on:
    • Business model evaluation & refinement
    • VFT startup consultants
    • Preparing a compelling investor pitch
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WE Champs

Awards and Mentoring program in Silicon Valley

  • To energize aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups
  • Top startup leaders from across the globe enrolled in WE programs get an all-paid mentoring and networking trip to Silicon Valley
  • A dream exposure to the famed entrepreneurial ecosystem:
    • Networking with entrepreneurs
    • Mentoring by the very best
    • Pitching to investors
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A.S.K. Chaitanya Reddy / Srinivas MadhavamCo-founders, VDeliver

The key learning from Wadhwani Foundation is how should we see a problem with different perspectives. As a result, we expect to revolutionize what last mile logistics can do

Pranav PanpaliaFounder, Workly

WEC helped me transform from a student into an entrepreneur with practical knowledge. It gave me a chance to step into other’s shoes and experience entrepreneurship real-time

Anusha K P / Muralidhar NayakCo-Founders, Paymatrix

The one-on-one mentoring sessions helped us to identify channels and crack some key partnerships

Eshwar VikasCo-founder, Mukunda Foods

WEC is a primary school for entrepreneurs. The learning I got from WEC mentoring sessions is useful even today and foundations of Mukunda Foods is based on these learnings