Our Initiative

Wadhwani Entrepreneur

Inspiring, educating, and enabling startup entrepreneurs

Wadhwani Inspire

Establishing a culture of entrepreneurship at a national level.

  • Evangelizing entrepreneurship
  • Inspiring the best and the brightest to consider entrepreneurship as a first/alternate career choice

Wadhwani NEN

Wadhwani NEN empowers professionals, post-college, college and pre-college students with knowledge and skills to create high-potential startups.

  • College Entrepreneurship Programs for students with 360-degree transformation and real-world learning through Courses and Startup Labs
  • Wadhwani NEN Programs:
    • NextGen: Activate (for those in the early semester of the graduate program) and Ignite (for professionals, PGs and those in advanced years of their graduate program)
    • Foundational Course: from a business model, MVP and Practice Venture (PV) to a Potential Real Venture (PRV)
    • Advanced Course: from a PRV to a Validated Real Venture (VRV) with funding potential
  • Emphasis on ‘Do’ pedagogy through videos, activities and assignments, and PV pitches
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Wadhwani Venture Fastrack

Wadhwani Venture Fastrack (VFT) enables Incubators/Accelerators to offer on-demand tools, resources and connects to their startup cohorts.

  • Best practices, tools, technology, and case studies for guiding startup cohorts towards growth and revenue
  • Power-packed solutions: From the big picture of global startup ecosystems to the nuances of startup mentoring; from the financial viability of an incubator/accelerator to building investable ventures
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Wadhwani Entrepreneur Network

  • Incubators
  • Accelerators
  • Mentors
  • Startups
  • Colleges
  • Faculty
  • Students

Wadhwani Catalyst Fund

An emerging market-focused impact fund amplifying economic and jobs impact through scaling global third-party efforts.

  • Catalysing growth and scaling job creation through catalytic capital, and Wadhwani ecosystem support viz. project management, technology and content.
  • Funding Criteria:
    • Qualified non-profits that are led by strong leaders with a clear vision and execution capability in scaling job creation by 5-10x
    • For-profit companies with a robust and scalable business model, where revenue growth drives exponential job growth, and our investment can attract 5x -10x investment
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Wadhwani Catalyst

Wadhwani Knowledge & Technology Platform

  • AI-enabled technology platform
  • Powering Wadhwani digital products through a microservices based architecture
  • A key enabler for scaling the Wadhwani Initiatives through mobile and web products focused on user experience and personalization
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A.S.K. Chaitanya Reddy / Srinivas MadhavamCo-founders, VDeliver

The key learning from Wadhwani Foundation is how should we see a problem with different perspectives. As a result, we expect to revolutionize what last mile logistics can do

Pranav PanpaliaFounder, Workly

WEC helped me transform from a student into an entrepreneur with practical knowledge. It gave me a chance to step into other’s shoes and experience entrepreneurship real-time

Anusha K P / Muralidhar NayakCo-Founders, Paymatrix

The one-on-one mentoring sessions helped us to identify channels and crack some key partnerships

Eshwar VikasCo-founder, Mukunda Foods

WEC is a primary school for entrepreneurs. The learning I got from WEC mentoring sessions is useful even today and foundations of Mukunda Foods is based on these learnings