Wadhwani Foundation’s National Entrepreneurship Network was launched in India in 2003 followed by the launch of its other Initiatives Global Skills Network in 2011 and Policy Research Network in 2014.

National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) inspires, educates, and supports student entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs for creating high-value jobs. For over a decade, NEN in India has trained over 3,000 faculty across 500 institutes, who now regularly offer entrepreneurship courses to more than 100,000 students, annually. ‘Yuva’ is NEN’s joint initiative with Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) to scale NEN’s student programs to 3500 institutes.[…]

Global Skills Network (GSN) aims to equip non-college-bound high school graduates with sufficient work-skills to command family supporting wages. Today, GSN works across 3000 high schools and 200,000 students, and is embarking on scaling this to 15,000 schools over the next
three-five years, in partnership with the Indian Government. GSN is also working with the Central and State Governments to transform ITIs to modern manufacturing training hubs and multi-skill institutes, and engages with employers to provide adjunct faculty, internships and apprenticeships.[…]

Policy Research Network (PRN) has assessed the performance of two of India’s most comprehensive and largest programs initiated by the Department of Biotechnology and administered by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) – Small Business Innovation Research (SBIRI) and Biotechnology Industrial Partnership Programmes (BIPP).

PRN has also proposed ‘Startup and Small Business Innovation (SSBI)’ grants to 25,000 companies over five years for catalyzing critical sectors through partnerships with various central government organizations.[…]



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Wadhwani Foundation has done a great job in creating the training modules. I am sure in the years to come, these tools will be available to every nurse of this country and the world

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Health

I chose a course in Community College as it is job-oriented and I have an opportunity to get a job both in the government and private sector

Emama Kumari, Student, Government Women’s College, Patna

NEN is a primary school for entrepreneurs. The learning I got from NEN mentoring sessions is useful even today and the foundations of Mukunda Foods is based on these learnings

Eshwar Vikas, Co-founder, Mukunda Foods

NEN helped me transform from a student into an entrepreneur with practical knowledge. It gave me a chance to step into other’s shoes and experience entrepreneurship real-time

Pranav Panpalia, Founder, Workly

The two most important problems we need to address are on creating 30-40 million more jobs and skilling 30-40 million more people, than we have in the current trajectory, particularly in manufacturing and services sectors

Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, Founder and Chairman, Wadhwani Foundation


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