In January 2017, Wadhwani Foundation’s National Entrepreneurship Network (WF NEN) was launched in Latin America to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country by supporting Entrepreneurship Education, Startups & SMEs, and enabling access to knowledge, mentor and investor resources.

Over the last decade, WF NEN has demonstrated a highly successful and replicable model that facilitates entrepreneurship and job creation through partnerships with colleges and universities, entrepreneur support organizations, and mentor and investor community in several countries.

WF NEN in Mexico:

The scalable model of WF NEN, its resources and IP are contextualized for emerging economies and regions. WF NEN works in entrepreneurship in Mexico through its partnerships with relevant entities. WF NEN is looking to expand its partnerships in Mexico and the region.

Wadhwani Foundation has signed a MoU with Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN) and ITI (also known as DGCFT) Subsystem of the Minister of Education, Mi Gran Socio, an early stage non-profit university housing business incubator and accelerator and Startup Mexico (one of the largest and most recognized business incubator/accelerator for startups in the region) for strengthening the institutional mandate for entrepreneurship education and development in Mexico by mainstreaming entrepreneurship curricula within the Institute for holistic development of 150,000 students’ knowledge and skills across 17 campuses.[…]


NEN content will allow me to expand the knowledge of my students to be self sufficient, I will be able to help them understand how to create a real business and change theirs lives

Alejandro Yanez, CECATI 153

This training is magnificent, I will increase my students panorama on entrepreneurship to help them push their dreams

Cynthia Pimentel, CECATI 158

This model covers 100% of my expectations for implementation in Mexico, the adaptation for countries like ours and will allow us to really implement and make an impact in our society and community

Juan Jose, CECATI 13

This training is giving me the best available tools and skills to teach my students to create a business, in one word Wadhwani is: Entrepreneurship

Raymundo Alatorre, CECATI 155