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Awarded startup founder Swati Bondia credits NEN on her success

Swati Bondia, groomed at NEN E-Cell and with 2 startups to her credit was recently selected amongst the ‘Top 10 Outstanding Young People of the World- 2015’ and she received this award in Japan.

She gives a lot of credit in shaping her formative entrepreneurial endeavors, to NEN. Says Swati, The turning point came when I was exposed to the entrepreneurship-led activities of National Entrepreneurship Network [NEN] at my campus. I was inspired by NEN’s approach in developing the entrepreneurship eco-system and supporting students and aspiring entrepreneurs, and the idea of launching my startup was born. National Entrepreneurship Network’s [NEN’s] efforts to expose aspiring entrepreneurs to the right ecosystem and network of mentors, investors, associations and successful entrepreneurs proved to be a game changer in my quest to launch a startup.

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