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Datalaxy: A Constellation, That Can be Chaos, Unless…

Says Dr Chowdhury, “We need to know that today our place in the World-Wide-Web is very public. Where we are going, what we are searching, what we are buying is already public and is being monetized in very interesting ways. The onus of ensuring privacy is therefore with the individual and not the systems. The IUDX is a great example of Open Data platform where cities are collaborating with their data to be analysed by anyone with the right use-case. There are other uses cases that are available with Public Health, MNREGA and many other data-sets. But in the true sense these are not real-world models. They are just aggregated data from specific sources open for collaboration.”

He further explains, “In a smart project, the role of data becomes even more crucial. Anything ‘Smart’ is, by my definition, a learning and evolving thing. A Smart City is a Learning and evolving city, a Smart Project by extension, is a project/infrastructure that is designed to be flexible, to have learning mechanism that will allow its rules to evolve. The only way to do it is to collect data before, and during, the project; and create inbuilt mechanisms of data collection in the infrastructure. The Data is then used to build a robust model that represents the universe. This model is then rolled out during the Smart Project to allow it to evolve over time with constant flow of information between the Data-verse Digital Twin and the Real World. Without data, all this is just not possible.”
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