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They’d rather be the employer than an employee.


Founder: Kausikram Krishnasayee

Age: 25


In a line: Tour My App allows you to create in-app tutorials that guide users as they perform tasks in your web application.

Why did you start this company?

Immediately after I graduated, I joined Silver Stripe Software as an intern and over the last four years became the lead architect. Last November, I ended up writing a prototype product at #in50Hrs a weekend hackathon, which tried to solve the problem of user engagement that web start-ups faced. I showed it to my boss (also my guru and mentor) and we realised that we had a product in our hand. We decided to develop on it and bring it to what is today.

Who helped you?

A good set of friends and mentors whom I have known from my E-Cell days at college. They were seasoned entrepreneurs who knew the market and were more than forthcoming when we needed advice. Then a great boss, now the cofounder of

What does your company do? tries to solve the problem of customer engagement and on-boarding for web apps. We are a SaaS product that helps other web app developing companies, create interactive in-application tutorials that guide their users as they use the web application.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Hope to be a big player in the online customer engagement and application analytics space.

Any major clients?

Our clients are mainly other software web companies (start-ups). There are no ‘big-fish’ customers in this market.


We are a bootstrapped entity. We are not externally funded. We do a bit of consultation in the web application analytics and conversion space, which helps us earn revenue apart from the main product offering. We also try to minimise expenses and other overheads. We firmly believe that apart from the hard work and dedication associated with a start-up, the only other things required are a table, a computer and a working Internet connection.



Founder: Mohammad Saud Bakhar; Nazim Zeeshan and Jazeel Badur Ferry

Age: 23

Website: www.

In a line: Eventifier collates all the event data for an event from the Web and archives it in an event page/repository

Why did you start this company?

Working around start-ups we attended hackathons and events, we realised that the data of past events get lost. So we decided to build Eventifier which would collate and archive event data. . Also there was the urge to build something useful and the need to contribute and build a business of our own.

Tell us more about your product

Once the event is over all the data generated during an event is lost. There virtually remains no trace of it in the social media. We help in capturing that moment and make it available for later. This can be used by an attendee to recollect those moments and for the event organizer to showcase it to sponsors for future events and also be used in brand and audience building.

Where do you see yourselves five years from now?

Our vision is to build a global and profitable product. We have tied up with major event platforms across the world.

How has it been doing?

Eventifier is three months old now and gaining major traction from around the world especially from the U.S., Germany and Spain. We have archived close to 200 events and have received requests from more than 160 organisers to archive their upcoming events. Talks are on to collaborate with a major event planning platform based out of New York.

Finances? How do you cope?

We are currently a bootstrapped company incubated at The Startup Centre, Chennai.

Why we did not take up a job?

We do not like being dominated by an outsider. Independence and the flexibility to work on things that we are most passionate about were the driving force behind becoming employers..


Space Huddle

Founder: Aditya Vikram Thoomati

Age: 22


In a line: Space Huddle allows you to choose your roomie without making too many compromises

Why did you start this company?

The whole process started with “I’ve always had a problem finding the right roommate”. Some click, and some don’t. It’s all trial and error. I meet someone whom I think has a similar taste in life, but mostly the complete opposite. We never look into the matter extensively. Let’s ‘adjust’ is the only option.

What does your company do?

Well, we have taken a shot at making this an easier process. “Why not let your friends know that you are looking for a flatmate?” We observed that most of our actions are influenced by friends and their connections. Invariably you ask your friend if the new pair of jeans looks good. The many debates over these small things led the SpaceHuddle team to come up with a scratchy-hacky-crappy site to try and fix the flatmate problem.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

We’d still like to be the Space team, Huddling up. When we walk out on the streets, we wish to see at least eight out of 10 folks letting us know that they found an awesome roommate via Space Huddle.

Why we did not take up a job?

Well, as said, I’m 22, currently playing around with some lego blocks to shape up Space Huddle ( ) . The idea behind turning an entrepreneur and not turning up for a job is fairly simple. Entrepreneurship is an art. As an entrepreneur, you can paint a better picture looking at both but with a job is there enough time or an artistic milieu for folks to do that. Highly doubt it. I’ve been passionate about changing the world ever since a kid. I’m doing my best, taking one step at a time.

Any advice for other young entrepreneurs?

If I had any word of advice for youngsters, I’d go with ‘Don’t do it.’ If you think you can fight and win the war, then go ahead. But don’t be afraid to fail gracefully.



Founder: Shrikrishna Shrin, Souvik

Age: 27, 24


In a line: unclassroom helps college students get great technology jobs or start their own product companies.

Why did you start this company?

Our mission is to inspire students to learn technology. We do this by helping students learn to build and launch their own applications. We’re building unclassroom to give students in India the same exposure to applied learning that students get in universities like Stanford.

How does unclassroom work?

Think of unclassroom as a treasure hunt or a game. Instead of lectures, we start with what we’re going to build and then give students constant hints and tips on how to get there. In addition, we also offer online courses that explains relevant concepts and information and guidance on how to actually go the extra mile and launch the application.

How do you manage your finances?

The company is self-funded now and we will be profitable by the end of 2012.

Why we did not take up a job?

We realised that we can have a lot more impact outside a traditional workplace. Also, the learning curve when you run a business is pretty steep and you’re constantly challenged to learn more and do better. We have nothing against working for another company but we love what we do and we believe we are working on an important problem: how do you motivate and inspire a large number of students to become good in technology.

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