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Student leadership workshop at Acropolis

INDORE: National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) in association with Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research (AITR) organized a two-day ‘Student Leadership Workshop’ at AITR Campus. The session was attended by shortlisted students from leading educational institutions in Indore. The students were educated about how to start and run an ‘entrepreneurship cell’ on campus. They were exposed to various areas of leadership including managing teams, creating a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus, generating business ideas from current problems and organizing events.

A part of series of 10 workshops being run across the country, this session aimed at equipping high performing students with essential skills to establish entrepreneurship programmes on campus. The session was led by manager consulting Vishnu Priya, and co-led by consultant, NEN (Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat) Marlina Ramchandran.

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