Our Initiative

Wadhwani Entrepreneur

Inspiring, educating, and enabling startup entrepreneurs

Wadhwani NEN

Wadhwani NEN empowers students with knowledge and skills to create high-potential startups.

  • College Program for students with 360-degree transformation and real-world learning
  • Enabling knowledge and skills through Courses and Startup Labs in Colleges to create HiPOs
  • Wadhwani curriculum with emphasis on ‘Do’ pedagogy through videos, activities and assignments, and PV pitches
  • Practice Ventures (PVs) as the seed of entrepreneurship and job creation by fostering venture creation right at the college-level

Wadhwani Inspire

Establishing a culture of entrepreneurship at a national level.

  • Evangelizing entrepreneurship
  • Inspiring the best and the brightest to consider entrepreneurship as a first/alternate career choice

Wadhwani Entrepreneur Network

  • Incubators
  • Accelerators
  • Mentors
  • Colleges
  • Faculty
  • TV Network / Streaming Media
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Wadhwani Catalyst Fund

An emerging market-focused impact fund amplifying economic and jobs impact through scaling global third-party efforts.

  • Catalysing growth and scaling job creation through catalytic capital, and Wadhwani ecosystem support viz. project management, technology and content.
  • Funding Criteria:
    • Qualified non-profits that are led by strong leaders with a clear vision and execution capability in scaling job creation by 5-10x
    • For-profit companies with a robust and scalable business model, where revenue growth drives exponential job growth, and our investment can attract 5x -10x investment
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Wadhwani Academy

Providing high-quality, application-oriented content and training to support Wadhwani Foundation’s Initiatives.

  • Deeply researched learning & content assets, tools and templates, and online consulting for Wadhwani stakeholders
  • Case studies, masterclasses, example scenarios, and skills training on a digital platform for a wide range of consumers via a self-service model
  • Knowledge and application-oriented modules on educational segments to improve future skills, foster entrepreneurship, and create new businesses
  • Comprehensive transformation paths with structured methodologies, dashboards, and solutions for managing businesses on a long-term basis

Wadhwani Global University

Creating a personalized learning platform for Wadhwani beneficiaries and intermediaries.

Beneficiaries’ Development Programs

  • Clarity of concepts and contextual linkages with real-life situations
  • Cloud and mobile based platform for learning-delivery
  • Processes for better learning experience viz. assessments, assignments etc.
  • Proficiency in experiential pedagogy, in a blended learning environment

Intermediary Developmental Programs

Be a Mentor, Be an Angel Investor, Manage Your Incubator/Accelerator, Be an Entrepreneur Faculty, Innovation and Leadership, Micro-Masters Series

Wadhwani Knowledge & Technology Platform

  • AI-enabled technology platform
  • Powering Wadhwani digital products through a microservices based architecture
  • A key enabler for scaling the Wadhwani Initiatives through mobile and web products focused on user experience and personalization
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Kristanto SantosaExecutive Director, Business Innovation Centre, Jakarta

The advent of Wadhwani Foundation in Indonesia and its partnership with BIC consolidates our fragmented efforts by leveraging the Wadhwani expertise and resources to build a robust and vibrant eco-system. Wadhwani Foundation brings immense value derived from a decade-long experience in creating an entrepreneur eco-system in academia, developing an exhaustive knowledge bank and supporting emerging entrepreneurs across a vast network of educators, mentors, investors and organizations

Nazrin HassanCEO, Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd.

To be successful, entrepreneurs need to learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs who have walked the path. Cradle has charted entrepreneurial journeys and has built a good network of mentors to sharpen entrepreneurial skills. Wadhwani Foundation’s advice and expertise will go a long way in developing capable entrepreneurs

Dr. Dion Dewa BarataDean Faculty of Humanities and Business, Pembangunan Jaya University

Our partnership with the Wadhwani Foundation will lead to capacity building for lecturers and practical insights for students

Albert G. RabangPresident/CEO, National University, Network of Student Entrepreneurs Start Up Club & Philippine E-Leader Network - SY 2018/19

Our association with the Wadhwani Foundation has led to the development of a strong mindset of planning towards building own businesses