Amid situation caused by the pandemic virus COVID-19, Wadhwani Foundation reaffirms its commitment to the Private and Educational Sector of emerging economies to reduce the social and economic impact and thus continue to improve the lives of its beneficiaries.

Only with social cohesion, collaborative work and global strategy will we be able to transcend this challenge. For this reason, we have developed valuable content, tools and support networks that we make available to you.

Below you can see the different resources that we have created especially for your need in the current global situation:


Resources COVID-19 for Universities and Entrepreneurs

As a precautionary measure while the COVID-19 Enhance Community Quarantine is ongoing, the universities not only locally but also the whole world slowed down their activities and choose to have their professors teach their classes remotely.

And because of this, we have created a materials and tools that can help the facilitators and the students to maintain the impact of online classes.


W NEN Program Plan Outline During COVID-19

Direct-to-Home Online Class Model

Students review material, take quizzes and do assignments on own and use online sessions as “checking” to review progress, clear doubts and discuss findings.


LearnWise Courses Design for Effective Online Classes


  •  Full access to all content, students and assessments
  • Automatically releases quizzes and assignments
  • Full visibility into student progress: Videos, Quizzes and Assignments
  • Student grading (auto for quiz/online for assign and gradebook)


  • Anytime, anywhere access (computer or mobile phone) to course content
  • See released quizzes and assignments due and take/submit
  • Ability to see their grades and performance