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Our Initiative

Wadhwani Skills Network

Empowering millions of students with core and future job-ready skills to attain sustainable family wages.

Our Focus Areas

Wadhwani Skills Network

For Students:

  • Fully flexible short-term programs that prepare them for family-sustaining career pathways
  • Core skills position them for employability and progression

For Employers:

  • Reduce hiring and training costs while expediting just-in-time hires
  • Day-1 job-ready candidates
  • Apprenticeship programs help select the best and release the rest to the company supply chain.


  • Superior student completion rates, job outcomes, and overall impact enhance their brand and standing among students and policymakers, enabling influence on State/Federal policies and unleashing of Govt. funding
  • Expand the scale of student intake that digital delivery affords
  • Opportunity to pilot end-to-end digital delivery and expand to the majority of their programs thus accelerating their digital transformation
Dr. Devi Prasad ShettyChairman, Narayana Health

Wadhwani Foundation has done a great job in creating the training modules. I am sure in the years to come, these tools will be available to every nurse of this country and the world

Emama KumariStudent, Government Women’s College, Patna

I chose a course in Community College as it is job-oriented and I have an opportunity to get a job both in the government and private sector

Geetika PStudent, GSSS Portmore, H.P

The healthcare subject is unique and we learn a lot from its practical applications

Stephen BealeSenior VP - Operations, Zuri Group Global

I compliment WF for bringing the entrepreneurship program to MKU. This will enhance ability of students to fit into the market and enable them become their own bosses, thus creating jobs for future generations

Rakhi, Retail StudentGovernment Women’s College, Patna

I want to be successful because in today’s era people do not salute a person, but his identity. That’s the reason for me to create my own identity

Harshdeep KaurStudent, GSSS Portmore, H.P

Field visits and expert lectures on Healthcare have given me skilled knowledge to such an extent that I can take care of my health and also that of my family