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Dr. Ajay Kela’s exclusive interview with Entrepreneur India – ‘Joining start-ups is becoming more attractive’

Wadhwani Foundation has pledged $100 million to help create and fulfill 25 million jobs by 2020 with assistance from government and industry. Entrepreneur speaks to Dr. Ajay Kela, President and CEO, Wadhwani Foundation, to get the insights into the Foundation’s different initiatives and how it is planning to fulfill its pledge.

How do you pledge to create 25 million jobs by 2020 in India?

Wadhwani Foundation has pledged USD 100 million to help create and fulfil 25 million jobs by 2020 in partnership with government and industry contributions and leveraging the Foundation’s successful entrepreneurship and skill development programs built over the past ten years.

Of the 25 million jobs, 5 million jobs will be created by new companies, 10 million jobs through enabling MSMEs to achieve accelerated growth and another 10 million by enhancing the skills of entry level workers thus accelerating the growth of existing small and large businesses.

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