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Wadhwani Foundation strategically aligns with Magic Bus to power L.E.A.P

The partnership strengthens L.E.A.P with the specific focus on youth skilling, job placement program and talent retention.

Wadhwani Foundation, through their venture Wadhwani Catalyst has announced a three-year strategic partnership with Magic Bus to strengthen their processes related to placement and retention in L.E.A.P i.e Life Skills based Employment Assistance Program.

As per the partnership agreement, the post graduating Magic Bus students would be continued to be trained well in 21st-century life skills and placed in aspirational job roles in high growth sectors of Banking, IT & ITeS, Sales & Marketing, and Healthcare. This program will also work on their sustained employment for at least six months at family-supporting income levels.

Speaking on the partnership, Sanjay Shah, Chief Operating Officer, Wadhwani Foundation – India/SEA, said, “Wadhwani Foundation is excited to partner with Magic Bus whose L.E.A.P program is unique and high-impact, skilling thousands of youth from the underserved and marginalized communities for aspirational job roles in growth sectors.  They are driving change and creating a jobs-led impact. We look forward to leveraging the Wadhwani ecosystem to help Magic Bus intensify their skills efforts and touch more lives.”

As per their statement, Wadhwani Foundation and Magic Bus are in strong alignment that this is “an investment in the soul of India – its youth, and its future”.